Sailing Support

Stress Free Sailing

When you come on a No Stress Yachting holiday we like to make it as No Stress as possible. Therefore we have a few ways to make it easy for you:


Boat Briefings

- On arrival you will be given an in depth yacht briefing where all the systems will be explained. Along with a few tips on the specific yacht. All of the information will also be in one of our Boat Guides, available either online or hard copy onboard.

- You will also be able to discuss any route plans with someone who knows the area and the yachts so you will not be heading into the unknown. Our own harbour guide will be available online or in hard copy as well, which is full of tips and advice on mooring in the different locations. 


Refresher Sessions

- Before arriving in Corfu you have the option of booking a refresher session. This is where an RYA Instructor can come onboard with you for the first day. This gives the skipper the chance to relax a little and get use to the boat, as well as give the crew a few tips on tying fenders and mooring lines. The instructor will be able to go through some of the important techniques like going stern-to with you before you head out on your own. 

- All our guests who have had a session like this have loved it. Taking the first day nerves out of it really does start of your holiday in the right way.


Weather Information

- We can organise weather updates. If you would like, one of our team can call each morning with an updated weather forecast. This takes any worries or stress out of the planning by having a small chat with an experience skipper each morning. 


Provisions Service 

  • If you would like to arrive to a full fridge and a cold beer then get in touch for more information. 



meet the team

Managed by Sam and Jo (& Loukas) who have been living in Corfu for the last 7 years. Sam is an RYA Yachmaster Instructor and Jo has been sailing all over the world since a small child.

They are backed by professional skippers and boat engineers, all helping to ensure your sailing adventures really is No Stress

explore corfu

Corfu is the most northerly island in the Ionian with gin clear waters, scenic harbours and picture perfect anchorages. The sailing area is largely sheltered by Corfu, Paxos and Anti-Paxos

Gouvia Marina

Gouvia Marina is a large harbour situated in the city of Kontokali. This unique marina will transform a simple holiday into a romantic vacation with your loved one. It has 1235 berths and can accommodation a maximum draught of 5.5m and maximum length of 80m. The marina can be reached by calling VHF69.

harbour guide

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