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An Island of Postcard Views!

Around 35 nautical miles South of Gouvia, you can sail there in a day with the afternoon breeze blasting you into the stunning harbour of Lakka on the Northern tip. They say pictures say 1000 words, well here you go:

There are three main spots to spend the night in on Paxos;

Lakka, as you see above is a picturesque bay with plenty of space to anchor in the bay. A great spot to relax and go swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding. It is not uncommon for people to have a two day stop here as it is very hard to leave the blue water, great tavernas and a cool little village to explore. 

Giaos is the main harbour on the island, where the ferries come into. This can mean it can get very busy in mid season here, however it is well worth a look. Plenty of shops, cafes and bars will keep you entertained. 

Mongonisi is right on the end of Paxos, a much quieter bay with only one taverna and a small bar. Well known for their Greek Dancing, the taverna also has great food! The bay is perfect for a quiet night swimming and relaxing. 

Anti-Paxos is just to the South of Paxos. Whilst it is not a good place to spend the night, it is worth getting up early to motor down and find a turquoise blue bay to enjoy your morning coffee and swim. Be aware after 11 am the quiet bays will turn into Tesco's car park with the Day Trip boats from the mainland, but it is still a must see stop off! 


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