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Mainland Greece

Something for everyone.

Every sailing trip needs a variety of destinations, a bit of quiet time in a fishing village mixed in with a party stop in the tourist town, makes it an interesting trip and gives everyone a chance to do what they want. Mainland Greece has a bit of everything. 

From the Northern end of the Ionian coastline, where Greece meets Albania is a small harbour of Sagiadha. Being a fishing village makes it a must-see place for sea food lovers. The first taverna as you walk around the harbour is run by a lovely Greek/German who serves massive prawns and calamari by the kilo at a reasonable price. You will have to pay a small amount to the local port police but it is well worth it. You can fill up with fresh drinking water and watch an amazing sunset over Corfu. 

Further South you have Igonomitsa, which is the main ferry port for this part of the Greek Mainland. Just before the buoyed channel on the inside of the small island is a great little creek (Iggy Creek) with a few little fish farms in. On the left side is a small taverna with a quay that you can moor at for a nice evening on the beach. Alternatively you can go right down to the end of the bay and anchor (normally alone) in a small well protected inlet and enjoy and night onboard. 

Next is Plataria which is a small but alive little town, where there is a well protected marina. There are numerous tavernas, including Oil and Lemon with tasty Greek food and Olgas where there are good showers as well as traditional classics on the menu. You can also fill with water if you ask Olga nicely.  

A few miles away is Sivota Mourtos, a busy little tourist village/town but a special spot to sit back on the quayside with a drink and watch the world go by. On the town quay you will have to pay a harbour fee at the port office in the middle of the waterfront, this includes power and water from the small concrete boxes on the quayside. Or you anchor in the bay you can enjoy swimming in clear water as well as a comfortable anchorage. Try to tuck your self around the corner so as to be out of the NW wind and swell. There are a good selection of shops here for provisioning as well as good fruit and veg shops if you venture to the back streets. The main supermarket on the left of the harbour will deliver to your yacht if you are on the quay. A range of much needed ice cream and clothing shops can also be found here! 

Around the corner is another Touristy town of Parga. You can anchor in the bay or over on the left behind a rock mole. The town is perfect for the mid holiday cocktail in town and a 'posh meal' out. The best restaurant in town is Costellos, a brilliant mix of friendly staff, great food and cool location. To finish off your night here get the water taxi back with Yannis around the Fortress.

Further South is a bay called Two Rock Bay. In calm weather this is a great place to anchor for the night or a good place for lunch. Great swimming and snorkelling here! 

Just before you get to Lefkada, you will find Preveza and the Inland Gulf. Preveza is a typical small Greek town. With a large town quay to moor on and a trendy waterfront it is a great place to stop, explore and provision. The inland Gulf is also worth a visit, with the nicest harbour being the first one, Vonitsa. With a chance of seeing dolphins and turtles as well as very well priced traditional Greek food, it is an underrated destination to visit. 

All of these spots are easily accessible in a one or two week sailing trip from Corfu. 


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