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A busy little place to explore and enjoy!

On the South side of the Lefkas floating bridge is the Lefkas Marina and Town Quay. With a busy little centre street and lots of back streets to explore Lefkas town is a interesting destination to start or finish your sailing holiday. 

As our main base is in Corfu, we offer the option of Lefkas as a start or finishing point on your holiday, meaning you will only have to sail one way. This is a brilliant feature of a week or two week holiday as you don't have to retrace your steps or visit anywhere twice. 


South of Lefkas lies the islands of Meganissi, Ithaca, Kefelonia, Kastos and Kalamos to explore. In a two week sailing trip from Corfu finishing in Lefkas, you have the ability to explore both the North and South Ionian. In the South due to the configuration of the islands the sea tends to be flat and the afternoon winds tend to be reinforced giving you a cracking sail to start or finish you trip. 

As well as the conditions to offer, there are also loads of great points of interest to explore on the island of Lefkada (Lefkas). On the South West tip is Vassiliki, one of the top  10 windsurfing spots in the world. There is the Nidri waterfalls, well worth a walk from the town quay in Nidri. Not to mention the stunning beaches on the West Coast if you fancy sailing past them on the way down. 

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