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RYA Competent Crew

Learn to sail in the sun!

Price: €995 - 6 days 

Pre-course Experience: None

Minimum Age: None

The RYA competent crew training course from Corfu is designed to make you a competent and useful crew member aboard a sailing yacht.

Even when you have a skipper that is fully qualified and experienced, they will always appreciate having someone else on board who knows what is happening. So if your planning on going away with family or friends on a bareboat/flotilla holiday or have a yacht of your own, the RYA Competent Crew Course here in Corfu is for you.


During the RYA Competent Crew week you will learn the following:

  • Terminology – so you can understand the parts of the yacht and the skipper’s instructions.
  • Sail handling – how to set the sails in with the wind coming from all directions.
  • Rope work – handling warps (not ropes!) when mooring, coiling and stowing. The 8 most useful sailing knots.
  • Fire safety and emergency procedures – knowing how to be safe and what to use is very important on a yacht.
  • Safety equipment – life jackets, harnesses, flares, etc. when and how to use them.
  • Rules of the road – how to keep out of trouble whilst sailing around others.
  • Dinghies – how to use them, and how to stay dry!
  • Weather – understanding when you need a coat and when your should stay home.
  • Helming – making sure you can steer a straight line under motor and whilst sailing.
  • General sailing life – a very important part of sailing is making the tea!

So by the end of the week you will feel confident going out sailing with friends or family, knowing that you will be able to help the skipper and have a great time!

 Competent Crew

Although the weather changes throughout the year our prices stay the same for our RYA Sail Training Courses. So don’t worry about avoiding the school holidays just book when it suits you!

Our training yachts all have 3 double cabins and a convertible saloon meaning there is enough room to technically sleep 8. However to keep our guests comfortable we keep our training boat numbers to 5 plus the instructor, but only when cabin arrangements suit. We will not make you share a cabin with a stranger!

The prices for the course include the following:

  • Yacht and instructor for the duration of the course
  • Bedding and towels onboard
  • Breakfast and lunch, (dinner is up to you and it is not compulsory to feed the instructor)
  • All practical course reading material and safety equipment
  • Wet weather gear.
  • Dinghy and Outboard for the duration
  • End cleaning of the yacht


Please note that we require at least 2 onboard for a course to take place. We will obviously let you know if there is a possibility of the course not going ahead at least 2 months prior to start date. The course will be fully refundable if this is the case.

You are also able to book out the entire training yacht if you would prefer one on one instruction. Please contact us for information on this as it will depend on availability of instructors and yachts.


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