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Facilities at Gouvia Marina

Facilities at Gouvia Marina

What's available at our base?

The marina is home to many charter companies and privately owned yachts from dinghies to super yachts, Gouvia Marina has them all. Becoming more popular with super yachts in the recent years means all the services are good quality. The marina fees are paid for the year on our yachts so we do not charge you for extra nights in the marina, so feel free to spend as long as you want using their facilities. You can even leave the yacht moored there and explore the island by scooter if you would like. 


Food and Wine

One of the most important parts of any Greek island holiday, and Corfu is no exception, is the food and wine! Corfu’s Tavernas will not disappoint. Modern Corfiot food is fresh and exciting – gone are the soggy Mousakas served with chips! Nowadays you will find fresh and exciting food at Corfu’s tavernas. Since the introduction of the Euro, emphasis has been to keep prices down and quality up. Admittedly, it is more expensive than the days of the drachma, but Corfu still offers excellent value for money as a holiday destination. 

The marina has a great selection of tavernas and cafe/bars or you can walk to Kontokali or Gouvia villages just outside the marina for a larger selection of local tavernas. 

 Greek Dancing Corfu


Cosmote and Vodaphone are the biggest networks on the island so if you are roaming with your phone from the UK it will be one of these networks unless you are in the North where you may be connected through Albania! If you need a PAYGo sim card for your phone you will need your Passport to obtain one from the shops.

Wifi is available from cards purchased at the marina office. Or it is available at all the cafes or bars in the marina. 


Water and Showers 

The water is perfectly safe to shower/wash with. For drinking it is better to be safe and buy bottled water, for 6 bottles it will cost around €2 and is available everywhere. 

There are great showers and toilets available in the marina, or water is available on the quay if you want to top up the yachts tanks and shower onboard. Both options are free. 


Car Hire

Either from the airport or the marina you can get preferential rates from Ocean just call the Gouvia office and mention No Stress!!





Other useful information


Wikipedia on Corfu



Corfu Golf Club


The Corfu Club`s beautiful course has been praised by many as one of golf`s best kept secrets in Europe. It was designed by the famous Swiss based architect, Donald Harradine and he has blended the natural resources of the lovely Ropa Valley including the river of Nafsika (Odyseus was rescued by Princess Nafsika at its exit on Ermones beach), with man made hazards to make the course a good but fair test. It is as enjoyable for the scratch player as it is for the long handicap one. The treelined fairways and the sandtraps combine with the several lakes and meandering streams, to make an attractive picture against a backcloth of high hills. A magical place full of animals and birds (kingfishers, herons, otters, fish). The course has been recently renovated, with major work carried out on the bunkers and an upgrade to the irrigation system, therefore keeping the course in perfect condition at all times.



It's All Greek!

Yasu - Hi
Yasas - Hello (formal)
Cali Mera - Good Morning
Cali Spera - Good Afternoon (3pm- night)
Cali Niechta - Good Night (bed time)
Efkaristo - Thank You
Yamas - Cheers


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