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Directions to Marina

Directions to Marina

Our base - Gouvia Marina, Corfu.

We are located about half way up the East coast of Corfu. Only 10 minutes from the airport or the port. Our Yachts are located in Gouvia Marina. Unknown to Google maps, we are not located in Gouvia Village, but the entrance to the marina is actually in Kontokoli which is next to Gouvia on the Corfu town side.


By Air: Flying to Corfu , for most Europeans, is an easy flight lasting less than 3 hours. Corfu’s International airport (Kapodistrias) is located on the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town, it is modern and compact. During the summer months (May to October) there are regular direct flights from most European countries to Corfu. Domestic flights (via Athens) operate all year round.

If you let us know your arrival details we can organise a transfer for you. If you want to make you own way to the marina, a taxi should be no more than €25. 


By Sea: Corfu’s port is at the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town. Ferries from Greek mainland (Igumenitsa and Patra) offer a regular service as well as ferries from Italy (Venice, Ancona and Brindisi). Corfu port is also a popular stop for visiting cruise ships. A taxi from the port is easy to find and should be no more than €25


By Road: Some drive to Corfu, the regular ferries from Italy and the Greek mainland (Igumenitsa) to Corfu make the trip easier to plan. The roads of Corfu are generally in good condition, even if unavoidably steep and twisting in some locations. There is secure parking available at the marina for anyone sailing with No Stress Yachting.


If you have any questions or problems finding us, please give us a call : +44 7703025436 or +30 6984263535 


Our yachts are on Floating Pontoon B, on the right finger. 

Gouvia Layout



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