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Winter in Corfu

Winter in Corfu

Usually this time of the year we are running around getting things packed up before we head somewhere to see family/go sailing in the sun, but with the new lockdown we are making the most of being in Corfu and getting stuck into some olive harvesting.

It turns out it is alot more work than you expect, not so simple as just shaking a tree! We were picking the green olives aiming to make good quality extra virgin oil. The trees we were picking were fairly untamed so they needed a good prune as well. The process was roughly; chop off a branch, cut it into bits and then rake off the olives onto the net, then move all the discarded branches to piles to burn later, you then have to sort the olives from the leaves and twigs before bagging them and taking them to the press. For 3 days work with 3 people we got 6 big bags, which turned into 15 ltrs of very good oil, and alot of fire wood! Some people have machines to speed up the job but we went for the old school method. 

Winter in Corfu

It was great fun to do and we will be definately doing it again. However next time we make a Greek salad, the oil will be getting dribbled on not thrown on!

bags of olives

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