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Top Anchorages for Eating Onboard

Top Anchorages for Eating Onboard

We love staying in a quiet bay for the night, make a nice meal and eat in the cockpit taking in the surrounding peaceful bay. Especially in peak season it is great to have at least one night away from the main harbours and all the people. There are plenty more places to stay the night but here are our favourites: 

Sam’s Bay - know to others as Ormos Arrias. Located between Kassiopi and St Stephanos directly opposite the lighthouse. Water is deep close to the shore and it is best to long line on the few trees there as this will point your bow into the ferry swell. A very quiet bay with a great view over the Albanian city of Sarande at night. 

Agios Nikolaos - The West facing bay close to the Blue Lagoon outside Sivota Mourtos. Again use long lines to point your bow out of the bay into any wash. It also means you can tuck in next to the small beach. One of the best sun sets in the Ionian as it sets off the tip of the Island over Corfu in Summer.

Agios Ionannis - To the East of Parga right in the Corner (Above Two Rock Bay, another great place). Fantastic water, quiet beach, sheltered from the North. You might even catch a fish! 

Feel free to let us know yours! We don't mind sharing! 

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