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Sailing in Greece has started!

Sailing in Greece has started!

Our first week went very well with one Yachtmaster Preparation week and one Competent Crew/Day Skipper trip. 

Obviously there are a few new rules and regulations to sailing now with the current situation. So we were keen to get out and find out what was needed now. The main thing is to keep everyone safe, so that means: 

  • Santising the boats between trips
  • Staff and clients wearing PPE when needed
  • Medical declaration before disembarking 
  • Thermometer and Oxygen level checks everyday to be logged
  • Social distancing 

During the training trips we are trying to keep each person's personal items to their cabins. The teaching we are trying to do as much as possible in an outside ventilated area. 

For bareboat trips we will be wearing masks for check ins to minimise risk. 


Back to the sailing... it is perfect conditions. There are similar boat numbers to April, but the weather of July, the conditions will probably never be this perfect again. 


RYA Training in Corfu

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