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Mile Building Sailing Trips

Mile Building Sailing Trips

In the late summer of 2020 we are planning a mile building sailing trip. This is designed for sailors who need more miles before they attempt the Yachtmaster Exam or by sailors who want to gain more experience on longer trips. Or by people who just really like sailing! 

Before you go for the Yachtmaster Offshore Exam you will need:

  • 50 days, 2,500 miles including at least 5 passages over 60 miles measured along the rhumb line from the port of departure to the destination, acting as skipper for at least two of these passages and including two which have involved overnight passages. 
  • 5 days experience as skipper. 
  • At least half this mileage and passages must be conducted in tidal waters.
  • All qualifying seatime must be within 10 years prior to the exam.

One of the hardest parts of these requirements are the longer 60Nm passages as alot of Mediterranean sailors spend most of their time day sailing between islands. 

So the idea is that we will design some longer trips where you will be passage planning, provisioning, sail selecting, crew management, organising the sailing and mooring the yacht. Of course there will be an instructor onboard, but they will try to stay quiet for these trips as you are the skipper. During the trip you will also get chance to sail at night, including entering a harbour at night.


Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus we were not able to run our Athens trip in May this summer so we are now planning a slightly shorter trip to the South Ionian (Kefelonia or Zakynthos) and back. Some of the possible passages during the trip are:  Corfu - Preveza/Lefkas (65Nm) and Lefkas - South of Kefelonia (60Nm) (and back).

These trips will not only help you on your way to the Yachtmaster Exam but also will be alot of fun, our Beneteau Oceanis 423 is a very comfortable boat for longer sailing trips and I am sure you will enjoy how well she sails. 

Next year (2021) we are planning to start early (March) and we will be offering a similar trip then as well. Get in touch if you want to find out more about these trips, we are also open to ideas so let us know! 

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