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Lockdown in Greece

Lockdown in Greece

A pretty strange time all over the world at the moment, but Corfu is not a bad place to get stuck! 

At the moment we are in full lockdown, like most countries. We have to fill out a form or send a text message to go out for a short walk, supermarket trip or medical reason. This has been the way for the past 4 weeks and I think everyone is getting used to it strangely enough! 

As you would have seen in the news, Greece has done very well to flattern the curve and slow the spread of the virus. By the end of the month we will hopefully know how things are looking and what the next steps will look like, but rumours are that July/August is looking like when things may start to look a little bit normal.

So what does our normal day look like? For Valentina and Phil who are staying on the boats, they have a pretty good routine of mixing a little exercise, a few boat jobs and some very good Italian cooking! For Sam, Jo and Loukas we also have a good routine of exercise, few odd jobs, lots of Loukas time and some very good Kiwi baking! 

boat maintenance

With the lovely weather we have had for the past few weeks, it has been a shame not to be able to enjoy the beaches and the water but we will be patient and keep safe for now. 

When this all calms down we are all very excited to welcome everyone back to Corfu and super excited to get sailing again! Please keep dreaming of that blue water and stay safe so you can come and enjoy it as soon as you can!! 


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