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Greece to open mid May!

Greece to open mid May!

After a long, long, long winter of lockdowns, cold weather and bad news we are now looking forward to the sunny days ahead, sailing the Ionian sea!

The recent announcement from the Greek Government has said we hope to start tourism in Mid May. Obviously this is numbers dependant, but looking at the stats from last year, as summer approaches the Covid-19 cases tend to drop, so this gives us hope. Either way the Greek Government have made it clear that we will be open for tourism soon!

They have said there will be 3 conditions you are allowed to travel to Greece (this to be fully confirmed closer to the summer with more details):

  • Vaccination
  • Proof of anti-bodies from having and recovering from Covid-19
  • A negative test result

With this information we can now start to plan for the summer again and get everything ready for a long summer of sailing.

With the previously mentioned precautions and our Covid-19 safety procedures we feel that a sailing trip in the Greek Islands is still one of the most safe ways to holiday this summer.

We will be using the same double cleaning method and safety procedures as last time to make sure we all stay as safe as possible. We are also offering our provisions service like normal to reduce the stress on arrival.

The rules on taxis and transfers are still to be announced but by the time you arrive I will let you know the options.

We really really can't wait to see you all this summer and get out sailing, whether you are bareboat, skippered or training we will do our best to make your trip as No Stress as possible this summer!

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