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Greece is getting ready to open!

Greece is getting ready to open!

We are pleased to see that Greece will be open for tourists from selected countries on the 15th June. The restrictions will slowly be eased from them with more countries being allowed to visit, providing they have controlled the spread of the virus in their country. 

At the start it will be mainly countries with road access, then on the 1st July a second group will be announced and then on the 15th July the remaining countries will be gradually allowed to travel to Greece. 


We are very excited about these new updates as it means that we will hopefully be able to get sailing soon! For a while it seemed like the season may not happen at all, so this is very encouraging news. 


Up until now we had mostly stopped working on the boats as the company was closed due to lockdown. However we are now getting stuck back into the preparation of the yachts and using the time to make sure we are fully ready for a busy end to the summer! 


There will of course be new procedures in place to keep our guests and us safe from the virus, we are hoping to hear these new regulations soon. 


Thank you everyone who has moved their trips to later in the year or 2021, it really makes a difference for us to not loose the bookings and we can't wait to see you all in Corfu! 

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