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Anti-Paxos Beach Clean Up

Anti-Paxos Beach Clean Up

Anti-Paxos has some of the cleanest waters and most tranquil bays in the whole of Greece, but they are full of plastic! We decided to have a beach clean up, taking anything that floated to the beach to bag up all the plastic. 

After a few hours we had filled all the bags and the boat! Amazing how much plastic and other rubbish gets washed up on such a small beach. You look from the boat and it looks pristine but once you get ashore it hits you... 

After filling the boat we sailed to the main island of Paxos to take it to the recycling point. Once ashore we were greated by locals and tourists that were very impressed by our efforts. 

After the first success on the West side of Anti-Paxos we decided to return to the East Coast and do the same there. 

It made us think if the 8 of us could clean two beaches in two days imagine what we could do with two boats of people or three.... Stay tuned for plans for a bigger scale BEACH CLEAN UP FLOTILLA..... October or April? Let us know what you think or if you want to get involved - [email protected] 

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